Week 10-Project Plan



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My group has decided to pick the topic “Student-Alumni Career Connections”. To me, this topic seems like it is affiliated with undergrads and post grads throughout a University and connect with each other through multiple media forms. This topic has 4 words but the key words that stand out to me are “career” and “connections”. The term career in this topic relates to post grad real life work which is where the alumni play a role in this part. They connect with students still in school to get them a head start for their future careers. Connection is the same thing as communication in this form because of how these students communicate and connect with different networks. The video I used for this assignment shows students connecting with other students over a computer and giving them information about certain career fields. I think this is useful because it shows my group members and myself how the student-alumni careers are helpful in aiding aspiring students to pursue their intended field. The photo I chose is a picture of the newly renovated and built, Rutgers Business school located on the Livingston campus. I chose this picture because our business program is one of the top in the nation and I believe that there have been supreme connections between student and alumni to plan for future schooling after graduation; like business law school. How my group and I can utilize this picture is 1. going to the business school to try and get shots of career services or maybe even find an alumni or soon to be graduate to interview them and ask what their plans are through the career services at Rutgers. Finding a song that related to our concrete topic was rather difficult. I searched throughout the tagged music links on the website but searches were not coming up. I searched just the engine ‘Rutgers Students’ and found a music video that explains why Rutgers is such a good school to come to for learning and future job opportunities. One lyric sort of defines on what my group is targeting, “Where dreams do come true, there’s nothing we can’t do” tells me that Rutgers is a school that offers everything to everybody and any dream can come true if you put the work in. For our group topic I think this motivates us to find out new information and be creative with what data and information we can use to present about Rutgers student-alumni career services.


Week 13 Discussion

Not only does the Internet change the way we consume media, it changes our perspective on a lot and feeds us countless information. It is up to us as the user to take that information and use it for our benefit. It’s the same thing as consuming media. We see it everyday on the internet of videos and pictures of a topic or situation to summarize what we are looking at. In Jenkins reading, he uses Star Wars as an example because of the effect the movie series has on society. On page 82 of the article, it explains how children and young adults have been affected by Star Wars in terms of “copying” the characteristics of the movies. Buying costumes and toys is one way of people consuming media from what they see. The Internet offers many forms of communication for users to become involved in the virtual world. I feel as if this is where we consume media through online work. In one of the paragraphs it discusses the difference between interactivity and participation. That part of the article stood out to me the most because it gave me a clear understanding to guide my answers for these questions. Interactivity allows for more communication and this is why we have been accustomed to consume media more over the internet than anywhere else. I think there is a fine balance between who has the power the most. Obviously if we are talking about hierarchy, the corporations who made these toys, movies, etc have the higher power because they own that. But, to me, the internet gives this an equal balance because people control what they do on the internet and what they decide to listen to and use. With the over use of time and information used on the web, this leads to the change in fan culture. I think more people are becoming accustomed to using the internet and resorting to the internet for anything they need. People don’t use face-to-face communication over the web which probably puts people in their comfort zone, they can say or do whatever they want on the internet. So I think fan culture changes as the internet changes and becomes more advanced. A scene that I can relate to this article and explanation is when they are flying in the spaceship and are using the technology they have to communicate before war. They resort to technology to reach their goal.

Week 11 Post Production

So far my group has done some well thought out brainstorming for our topic of Student-Alumni Career Services. We have planned and shot footage of us discussing what our topic is about and how Rutgers relates to this information. I feel as if this covers a big milestone part of our project because we are using the University we attend to guide us in creating this project. Last week in class we learned a lot of helpful information about to create a well put together video project. Our group maintained our footage inside of places for thre most part since Rutgers is such a lively school, its tough to shoot outside without tracking background noise in our footage. I think we planned the video part of the project very well because we know that do’s and don’t of creating great footage. Some troubles we have been having deals with time management and our different schedules. It is hard for all 4 of us getting together for a significant amount of time and getting our work done so that has to be the biggest hurdle to overcome thus far. As we do meet up weekly, we get a lot of creative work done which is very helpful for this project. I find more accomplishments among this group than I do challenges and that’s why I think we have been moving swimmingly throughout this project getting the most information to our viewers as we can!

Week 9

For my groups final project we decided to choose the topic of “Student-Alumni Career Connections.” We picked this topic as a group because we all seemed to have a similar idea about what this field of career services does and how it helps for our promising futures. After a little research about career services here at Rutgers I believe our group will find out how privilege we are for having a good career service organization. Although we haven’t fully come to a consensus on our creative direction I am looking into filming with alumni I know myself to get some information on how they are doing post-grad and if they were ever involved with the career services at Rutgers. With doing that we can maybe incorporate some interviews in our video to show a different discussion related to our groups goal. I feel like our group is very diverse in a creative way where each of us excel in a certain subject and then connect our information and work to create a good project. I am looking forward to creating a very informative video.

Creative Process on Midterm. Week 9

So I created my blog with the focus surrounding on sports broadcasting. I picked sports broadcasting because that is something I want to pursue in my life for it to become my career. I figured I wouldn’t just centralize on just broadcasting so I went into the sports side of it to be creative and use the knowledge I have about sports and correlated that into broadcasting. I talk mostly about basketball broadcasting because I call the games for the Rutgers basketball team sometimes so I used my skills to create my blog. I did some transitions with pictures to make my video more lively and creative and of course added some music. For my blog portion I wanted it to be color coordinated so it stood out and was presentable and not a cluster of pictures and titles. My homepage of my blog in my favorite part because both pictures go hand in hand with each other to show my viewers that this page will be media filled if they wanted to learn more. I put facts in my video so my viewers know they are getting information from a trustworthy source and not just information off the top of the head. I wanted my webpage to be a source my viewers go to and use as a guide for the beautiful world of communication. Communication with bloggers helps out a lot with being creative with my blog and that’s what I did my best to do for my page. Something that I haven’t seen a whole lot on different blogs is a lot of contact information; usually just name and email. I decided to add my Twitter handle because I feel like that will be where most of the communication and exchange of ideas and information between bloggers. Social media is huge in our society now and its almost the main source of finding out information and getting a voice out. I thought that was different from other people’s pages so I used that for another communication source.

I hope my webpage attracts many media and sport lovers!

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Week 6 Video editing/response

Editing this video wasn’t easy for me. In high school when I did assignments like this I found it easier and less complicated. For some reason I just struggled to edit this video. But, I did however do my voice over as the video played and that was pretty cool to do. I talked about Mike Auteri’s webpage which was better than all of the others in my opinion. I feel like he had more information on his webpage the way a webpage is suppose to look. It was pretty cool seeing the outcome of the video and the way the cursor moves where I want it to. Its like something you see on a tutorial video where the cursor points you to the place being discussed.

For the article, it was pinpointed on how our society engages with social media today. The term politics is a wise term to use when were discussing the importance of the internet. This type of politics is transparent to our reality. Now more than ever does social media become the main source of information. There are so many websites that have ample varieties of information we seek everyday. Cornfield’s innovation of social software seems to be one of the biggest movements in online communication because of the information virtual media holds. It allows people to communicate so much more effectively because of all the enhancements that media has in 2016. I feel like the internet creates “life” for us because there are so many branches of information that can lead us to more information and so on. Technology is so important now that everything from reality to the real politics for the presidential election and keeping data and information contained for the candidates. Technology creates procedures which create new ways of thinking for people in business’ or organizations. By doing so, more thoughts, ideas and policies are invented to create new information and answers

Week 5 video Post


The link to my audio recording with my two songs is above.

So I chose to watch the first Garageband video and I found it very useful for this class and our assignments. The first thing I related to was how he explained how to record. We used recording for our assignment this week and I was actually very familiar with it since I took media courses in high school. At first, the narrator of this video began showing viewers how to make audio on Garageband. You are able to hit file and be creative with your work by opening up a new track, adding and deleting sounds to make for a good piece of work. The thing that I had trouble with for the audio editing was trying to export from Lame but I still got stuck. Its seems that exporting from just Garageband is a bit easier. Just like a TV remote, he showed us how to mute sound to make zero sound over the track that’s being watched. I never used the solo button before but from the video it makes one track only play while you toggle with, I had never used a “solo” button in high school. The most important thing that the narrator explains in this video is clicking the down arrow which gives you the opportunity to go on either tracks you want while working on the other one.

For our assignment we have done some very similar work with editing audio. For my track, I chose two Christmas song instrumentals because I figured who doesn’t like Christmas. For my audio I recorded my self giving an introduction to my webpage and explained a little bit of what we learn in this class. It is very interesting stuff and also premature information to me because I haven’t had this much work with computers.

Week 4 posts

When working and editing media types such as audio, lighting, clips or B-Roll and so on, you must be almost as accurate as you can be when doing the work. As I was watching “Audacity: Complete Tutorial” on my PC it brought back memories of what work I did in high school 4 years ago. I took 2-3 media classes in the span on my Junior and Senior year of high school because I knew media was the field of study I wanted to pursue my career in. Although it wasn’t extensive and in-depth like the video I watched for this class taught me but it had information that I previously forgot and was reminded of and new information I had never learned about in high school. Two definitions that stood out to me was Normalization and Equalization because I had never learned the normal and equal stances audio could make. As a Senior in college now, I am a part of WRSU sports program here at Rutgers and I’ve been working with audio and editing since my junior year of the fall semester. This is the kind of job I want to be working once I graduate college; editing sound bites, editing clips to make them flow with the soundbites to make a good news story. I am very familiar with editing audio and clips and this tutorial video gave even more of advanced learning. For audio I can normalize the sound to make it as if I got the sound straight from when I filmed something. Equalizing sound to make fit right in the audio and media clips for it to sound like its straight from reality. As I continue my journey through the media field, I remember how important and crucial it is to have precise audio in a scene or clip. So, by fixing audio you can have the background sound of the audio you wish to use that correlates with the clip or B-Roll you show to your viewers work at the same time to make for a clean cut video edit.

Image from: https://www.google.com/search?q=audio+editing&lr=&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjXg_r2tMTPAhUj_4MKHWiTAbMQ_AUICigD&biw=1896&bih=872#imgrc=-Kkm7PbFoEGJwM%3Afl-studio

Week 3

Editing images has been something I’ve been doing more of ever since the evolution of smart phones and apps. For example, Instagram is where I get do most of my editing for pictures. Instagram allows users to change colors, textures, and different kinds of editing. Some are black and white edits and others are so contrasted that it makes the picture look like it came out of a comic book.

The app allows the user to have complete control over what they are editing and what forms they are using. As I edit more pictures frequently I find myself to be creative with it and see the different enhancements certain filters can make for a picture. I am able to change brightness, blur something out, and even add objects that weren’t originally in the picture before.

This is where I get most of my editing of pictures done because it is the only thing I am familiar with. Editing pictures is something that has become common in the world of technology to make pictures look the best they can look. I take that knowledge and apply it to my editing techniques to see how many different filters and edits I can make on one picture. galleryselena_edited_